Online Personal Branding Beginners

Online Personal Branding Beginners

Personal branding is increasingly becoming the more important aspect of brands positioning and individual advancement. Given the limits offers by offline means like business cards and certificates, etc, online platforms have emerged as the new frontiers for personal branding.

Online personal branding simply refers to the actions and strategies undertaken by an individual to create, sustain and nurture a positive personal image online. Getting to this place requires regular work. For beginners, getting a the right online personal brand comes with first understanding what makes up a well branded professional.

A well branded individual has the following five key aspects in all his or her branding process.

  1. Consistency. The key to creating a memorable and stand out image is consistency. Every message and platform should speak about the same person and build upon each other.
  2. Authentic image. If you are targeting an effective online branding process then you need to be yourself and work on building and cultivating an image you can maintain without clashing with who you truly are.
  3. Defined audience. Once you identify yourself as a brand you are basically a product promoting yourself. To sell you need to target the right people in need of what you are offering. The online platform gives the audience the power to select what they want to view and when, working without a target audience in mind has you missing much of the audience you need
  4. Ownership of the image. Every thing associated with your online branding should be run and managed by you or under your supervision. Website names, social media platforms etc can be easily hijacked or copied hence the need to control and own the crucial aspects of your image.
  5. Wide network of contacts in one’s field as well as related and supporting fields. To be able to create influence and to build up your worth, it is important to create a rich network with leaders and others in your field. Not only are you able to increase your reach but also your content and rank in search engines.

Using the above five strategies, here is how you can improve your online personal branding on various platforms.

Social Media

When working on social media from Facebook to Twitter, the first thing is to ensure your profile description and photo are top notch and represent the image you want in your brand. Whatever you post is also key and should further not hamper your brand building efforts.


A website is the basis upon which you build the rest of your online branding strategy. It is where you people come to when looking at o understand the what you are about. Get your website done by a professional web developer. Ensure it is interactive and connected to the major social media platforms. Of more importance is posting relevant and regular posts regularly.


You should not underestimate the importance of having an accurate and backed up Wikipedia page. Most times it is the only resource anyone can use to get to know about you. Ensure it is factual and well detailed.

Media Mentions and Positive ORM

Getting media mentions is one of the best ways to improve both your online presence and augment your brand. It is however crucial that you put in place  a way for positive online reputation management. This ensures that you are able to control your image and perceptions towards it

Managing your online personal branding is a continuous process that calls for simple effective strategies stated above. Leave nothing to chance and be proactive in controlling the perceptions people have of you.

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