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Online Personal Branding Beginners

Personal branding is increasingly becoming the more important aspect of brands positioning and individual advancement. Given the limits offers by offline means like business cards and certificates, etc, online platforms have emerged as the new frontiers for personal branding. Online personal branding simply refers to the actions and strategies undertaken by an individual to create,

Top Five Internet Marketing Influencers of 2016

With Online business nature of being dynamic, what has worked today may not be applicable tomorrow. For someone focussed elsewhere, following and tracking all these updates is not possible. To avoid being left behind and missing out on new practices you can simply follow five of the several internationally renowned online marketing experts. These offer

Lessons in Life Learned the Winfrey Way

Celebrities are people we hold in high esteem and more often than not, people we try to emulate. Some of them beat great odds to be where they are and in their journey to stardom, they learned valuable lessons that we too could take a thing or two from. Oprah Gail Winfrey is undoubtedly an

The Hindrance to Our Success

How the culture of “Blame Game” is Detrimental to the society and a Hindrance to our success One of the most pervasive notions in our society today is that we are entitled to a great life-that somehow, somewhere, someone (and certainly not us) is responsible for filling our lives with continual happiness, exciting career options,

Artistes Online Branding Music Business

The present music industry greatly relies on online activity just as much as offline activity to measure popularity and make sales. Indeed many people now opt to get their music online whether free or buying. As such it becomes important to artists and bands to build an active and wide online presence to promote not